Sam Caldwell Memorial Alumni Tournament

#21 Sam Caldwell (R.I.P)

The SM South boys basketball community is heart-broken with the passing of our former player, Sam Caldwell.  Sam graduated in 2019 and was a team captain on the 4th place team his senior year.  Sam was the ULTIMATE teammate and a wonderful young man.  A leader in the school, a leader on the court, and a leader in the community.  Sam was a member of National Honor’s Society, Link Crew, Sweetheart Court, and many other school, community, and sports activities.  Sam was a “TRUE Shawnee Mission SOUTH RAIDER”; a smart, compassionate, and loving young man.  Even though we are heartbroken and torn apart, your memory will carry on at SM South. Rest in Peace Sam, you will be eternally missed.  We love you!

The Caldwells’

Pictures from 2022-2023 Alumni Tournament

Pictures from 2021-2022 Alumni Tournament

2021-2022 Sam Caldwell Memorial Alumni Tournament
Coach McFall, Blake Dubinski, JoJo Scott, RJ Newton, David Kovarik, Tim Rodden, Archie Pozek, Rayner Fredrick, Coach Curran
Friends of Sam Caldwell
Kennedy Rater, Coach McFall, Evan Hickman, Major Close, Max Close, Ike McLey
Kyle Ham, Trevor Ahrens, Dom Esparrago, Parker Ling, Jake Mankin, Hunter Ahrens

Sam Caldwell Funeral Speech (Coach McFall’s notes)

Sam Caldwell #21

  • Know him = love him
  • Pleasure knowing him for 12 years (since he was 8)
  • Growing up in camps, little chunky dude, the greatest smile, enthusiasm
  • Mom, Jackie was our booster club president for 7 years and Sam was always a huge part of the SM South basketball and Raider community. “Caldwells” = are SM South
  • Seeing him wait around for Jake after games and completely looking up to his brother
  • As Jake guiding his 2013 team to an undefeated state Championship title, Sam was always by his side, idolizing his older brother
  • When it came Sam’s turn, he didn’t waste a second
  • So happy Jake and Sam got his senior year together
  • His work ethic, dedication, passion, commitment, loyalty to his coaches and teammates, what an amazing teammate.  But most importantly: His Character
  • What an upstanding young man.  A genuine niceness to him, made everyone feel welcome and loved them
  • Work ethic on and off the court.  A leader in the school and the community. (Grades)
  • Read (Letter or Recommendation)!!
  • Sam Caldwell was the perfect model of what we want our SM South boys basketball players to become.  Award in his name, to carry on his legacy
  • Example of his work ethic: 3 line lay-ups, broken foot, played 2 games and over a week of practice. Came back sooner, argue with trainer to get him to play SME
  • On the court: All-time leader in charges!!! The boy sacrificed his body for the betterment of the team. Senior captain on 19-6 team (4th in state)..  Competitiveness, the GLUE! Run through a wall, The respect from his teammates. Every night he would guard the other teams best
  • Always remember the Lawrence FS game (offensive phenom), Harmon, and BVNW (guard anyone)
  • Character: State tournament hotel room (6 seniors) Evan going to start, he volunteers. The team was bigger than him. As a father, I hope to raise my daughters to be people of high character, just like Sam Caldwell.
  • 3 oldest: Blakely, Addelyn, Jillian – share stories after the accident
  • Sam had worked my basketball camps for the past 5 years (CJ and Sam)
  • Little kids at camp
  • We went to Wyoming and created memories
  • Sledding accident
  • I miss Sam, I cry, I ask God why, I struggle with answers, I pray for the Caldwell’s, Katelin Riley’s family, and everyone involved, BUT the most important thing = Christian, knew the Lord, raised in a loving home. Heaven
  • As much as I miss him, and the pain that fills this community, I feel blessed to have known him for 12 years, and I have the opportunity to share the great stories of his life to my future teams and classes.  His life, his legacy will live on forever at SM South
  • I miss you Sam, and I love you.  I will see you again in Heaven