About McFall Ball

Sunflower Camp 2019

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McFall Ball was created by Brett McFall in 2003 with the idea of off-season small group clinics and summer basketball camps.

Summer Camps: Players have the option of attending numerous summer camps and learning lots of fundamentals while having multiple competition opportunities. (Please see “Camp” Icon on toolbar at the top of the page)

Fall and Spring Clinics:  Parents have the opportunity to enroll their son/daughter in our small group clinics.  The clinics are run twice throughout the year.  Our Fall sessions run during the months of September and October.  Our Spring sessions run during the months of April and May. These are small group clinics which focus on your individual game, advanced teachings and development.  Most clinics have anywhere from 6-10 players involved in their small group during their hour. (Click on “Clinics” Tab on toolbar)