INSTRUCTORS: Brett McFall and Clint McFall

OUR MISSION:  To focus on all players’ weaknesses and emphasize fundamentals, advanced teachings, and mix-in competition during the off-season in small groups

HISTORY:  McFall Ball Factory was started in 2003 with the idea of focusing on fundamentals and maintaining basketball skills during the off-season.  In the first session in 2003, 8 players attended the small group clinics.  By word of mouth, and individual success from the players, there are currently 67 players enrolled in McFall Ball Factory for our Spring 2024 sessions. We have been fortunate to work with over 2,150 players in the past 20 years.  Thank you for attending these small group clinics and making them a success.

SUCCESS:  NBA, Division I, II, III, and NAIA players have all attended The Factory in the past.  State champions, first team all stater’s, and MVP’s currently attend while competing at the High School level.  Numerous collegiate athletes also return during the summer to engage in competitive small group clinics.  Junior high and elementary basketball players from all around the Kansas City area currently attend The Factory and we are excited about their bright futures and work ethic.  Please check our “Former McFall Ball Players In College/Pro” tab to see all the success our players are having at the next level.

THE SETUP:  Players come for 1 hour, once a week.  Each week, you will have a designated time for your 1 hour workout with your group (Ex: every Tuesday 6-7pm).  The clinics are run in small groups, usually 6-10 players and they take place during two seasons throughout the year (Spring and Fall).  Once you commit to a Fall or Spring session, you will have 8 workouts during that particular session(7 weeks).  We ask that you try to make all of these sessions.


***Spring Clinics = April & May (8 sessions) – once a week for 7 weeks, the last week is 2 hours

***Fall Clinics = Sept. and Oct. (8 sessions) – once a week for 7 weeks, the last week is 2 hours

COST: $200 For 2 month session

Payment Options:

1) Venmo Brett-McFall

2) PayPal at

3) Pay Cash or Check

CONCLUSION:  We look forward to working with your son/daughter in the off-season and turning them into the best possible basketball player they can become.  Thank you!!